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If you have been moved, entertained, or inspired by live opera events, or are just passionate about the importance of art and music in our communities, consider making a gift today. Your support allows us to continue to present the highest quality and most impactful opera experiences for you, and for students and senior citizens all across Maryland. 


Financial support for our general operating expenses is crucial. Gifts of all sizes from our audiences and community members are welcome.  


Maryland Opera is accepting pledges for monthly and annual recurring gifts. Consider a small recurring donation to help strengthen our fiscal health and support our mission of bringing the beauty and excitement of live opera to audiences of all ages and backgrounds throughout Maryland. Click here to make a pledge.

Donations of stock

Maryland Opera welcomes gifts of stock.  Paying with stock or other marketable securities which have appreciated in value may provide certain tax advantages to the donor.  Please consult with your own tax advisor for guidance and advice.  When paying or making a donation with stock, please contact (or request your broker to contact) Maryland Opera for instructions regarding how to complete the transaction.


We welcome program sponsorships by foundations, corporations and individuals, as well as estate gifts. If you are interested, please contact us and one of our staff will call you to discuss.


Maryland Opera, Inc. is a non-stock corporation, exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, contributions to which are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable under law.  In an effort to increase the sustainability of opera, in late 2017, the Modell-Lyric decided to spin-off all matters concerning opera to a separate entity, fully independent from the Lyric. That entity became Maryland Opera, Inc., with all of its resources and energies devoted to the production of opera and opera-related education and outreach programs.

Thank you to our generous donors

We gratefully acknowledge these donors for supporting our mission to bring the beauty and excitement of live opera to the state of Maryland over the past 12 months.


Baltimore Opera Company Foundation Fund

S. James Campbell Fund

Maryland State Arts Council

Loretta Lee Ver Valen Endowment Fund

     for Leading Operatic Artists


The Kenneth S. Battye Charitable Trust

Dr. Allan & Mrs. Claire Jensen

PNC Foundation - Grow Up Great

The Philip A. Zaffere Foundation


Edward & Laura Asher

Dr. Frank C. Marino Foundation


Cathleen Blanton, in memory of Edward Lee Blanton, Jr.

Livio & Diane Broccolino

Cheryl & Jim Councill

Gladys Fernandez

Charlotte Floyd

Barbara Hecht

Louise Kirby

Pat Ozborn

Frederick Pearson

Dr. Mahin Shamszad & Dr. Homayoon Farzadegan

James B. Stradtner


Doris Anderson

Robert & Martha Armenti

Jason Buckwalter & Kimberly Christie

Nancy & James Cusack

Gwen Davidson

Donna & Joe Flynn

Fund for Maryland Opera

Pamela Gilmour

Richard Ley

David Malloy & John Crockett

Sharon & Andrew Nickol

Virginia T. Pond

Dolores Shamer

John Shields

Julia M. Soler

Edith Stern & Allan Spradling

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Taubman

Richard & Joanne Vatz

Lisa B. Williams


James Anthony

Robert Armenti

The Estate of Margaret Hennessey Broffman

Vicki & Bruce Finkelstein

Mary R. Giles

Saralynn & Sheldon Glass, in honor of James Harp

Bill & Arwyn Gohl

Kathy & Tim Grayson

Steve & Monty Howard

Robert Hitz

Lelia Hopkins

Sally Johnston

Ronnie Kleiman

Paul Lambert

Donald Milsten

Ray C. Mitzel, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. William Murphy

Barry Narlines

Mary V. Partridge

Susan Frick Payne

John & Mary Ann Thompson

Mary Jo Wagandt

Martin & Barbara Wasserman

Michael & Roberta Wentworth

J Daniel & Connie Wolf


Edith Aisenstark


Judith Armold

Sandi Atkinson

Lila Bakke

Howard B. Bevard

Phyllis Bryn-Julson & Donald Sutherland

Chuck & Beth Bullamore

Marion Carozza

Carole Conors

Chris & Denise Daly

Curt Decker

Nancy Denebeim

Claudia & Phil Diamond

Ruth Drucker

Mary Durham

Michaeline Fedder

David H. Fishman

Margaret Galambos

Dale E. Gorsuch

Dr. & Mrs. David Guyton

Lucy Hagopian

Floyd Herman

Patricia & Norman Hogeland

Felice Homann

Elizabeth Homer

Conchita Hong Furlong

Dr. Brenda Bowe Johnson

Joeann Karibo & Mark Tamulonis

Cheryl Martin Kauffman

Virginia Lee Kauffman

John Kelly

Timothy Kjer

Bernard E. Koehr

Bruce Kummer

John Eaton Kyle & Peter L. Satten

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Leitao

Diane Lichtenberger

Sandy & Rick Losemann

Johanna McDill

John C. McLucas, in honor of Maestro James Harp

Margot & Cleavland Miller

Arschel J. Morell

Valerie Olson

James Padgett

Patricia Paquin

Joseph D. Pepin

Susan & Edward Perl

Richard P. Poremski

A.F. Reed

Rhonda J. Rollins

Eva Rotolo

Mary Rutledge

Eleanor V. Schwark

Emily Scott

Katherine Shamer

Dr. Bill Shelton

Julian & Barbara Simmons

Adri Stauffer

Roy & Andrea Struble

Jane Thompson

Elva E. Tillman

Jim Williams & Stuart Berger

Rick & Joyce Zahner

Maryland Opera is supported in part by the Maryland State Arts Council (

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