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Opera Camp
Maryland Opera camp
July 10-23, 2023

The 2023 Maryland Opera Summer Camp is a marvelous two weeks of operatic learning and exploration.  This year's Opera Camp is conducted entirely in person with seminars and master classes in the morning and lessons and coachings in the afternoons. 


Anand Abraham

Rachel Harris

Tyrell Harris

Adriana Hopson

Isabel Marcus

Lindsay McCowan

Chidera Okafor

Kayla Polk

Damian Saunders

Camille Sergeon

Cynthia Urquiaga

India Yates

Ryan Zhou


James Harp - Camp Director, Opera Repertoire & Coaching

Jennifer Blades - Create & Produce

Jason Buckwalter - Camp Coordinator

Emily Casey - Voice

Kimberly Christie - Voice

Joe Delguste - Stage Combat

Chris Fotis - Wigs & Make Up

River Hansen - Acting

Claire Iverson - Voice

Kristina Lambdin - Costumes

Andrew Stewart - Create & Produce

Jim Williams - Voice

Maryland Opera's Summer Camp is an exciting and significant opportunity for talented high school and early college age singers and is completely free of charge to those selected. 


This program was first implemented in the summer of 2010 and is highly successful in promoting students’ awareness of opera and the vocal and theatrical arts. Our graduates have gone on to major educational institutions and careers. 


Campers receive daily classes in movement/dance, acting/improvisation, and chorus/vocal techniques, in addition to twice weekly yoga sessions.  Visiting artists and professionals give classes on all aspects of opera and singing.  

What is Opera Camp like?  Ask a camper...

Urquiaga, Cynthia.jpg

Cynthia Urquiaga

2023 Opera Camper

"This past summer, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Maryland Opera Summer Camp, which allowed me to embody the qualities of being resourceful, a good problem solver, and a contributor of ideas.  Over a two week period, I was able to work with professional opera singers and composers, a costume desgner, a makeup/wig artist, and other young artists like myself.  I participated in group classes to work on my acting, dancing, and singing.  Other opportunities included getting professional feedback in opera or voice coaching during master classes.  Along with this, I participated in a composition class, where I needed to write an original song and perform it later on the last day of camp in an opera written by me and my peers.  I found that throughout the camp, my biggest struggle was writing and composing music.  Initially, I struggled with starting and finding ideas for my song, which not only had to fit the theme of "Rising to the occasion," but also be fully written in a week because of the short time frame of the camp.  I had never attempted writing my own music, so to begin I looked for inspiration from other songs I had sung or heard before as a starting point.  After creating a first draft, I used feedback from my peers and collaborated with the camp's composer.  I made changes to my song and had it fully completed in the necessary time.  With the remaining week at camp, I staged my song and created my own costume from clothes and materials I already had.  I performed my original song for my family and friends, and the relatives of the other campers.  My experience of writing music at Opera Camp changed me for the better and allowed me to get out of my comfort zone in a way I never had before.  Because the camp was only two weeks, it forced me to be resourceful and work quickly under pressure to create something original to be performed in front of my friends and family.  I had to problem solve and collaborate with people who had been strangers to me only weeks ago to create a smooth, good quality performance.  We gave each other feedback and ideas constantly in order to improve not only our show, but also our individual performances.  Being around and bonding with other artists like me, allowed me to listen to different voices and grow, but also gave me more confidence on voicing my own opinions.."  

Ask a Camper
We want to thank you immensely for your incredible camp. You and your team did an amazing job with the kids, and the joy that each of them presented was palpable.

-- Nicky and Kenny Carpenter

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