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Todd Thomas


James Harp

James Harp



Celeste Blase, Violin

Patricia Wnek, Violin

Christof Huebner, Viola

Kirsten Walsh, Violoncello

Dio, che nell'alma infondere

(Don Carlo)

Mr. Pickle & Mr. Thomas

Tacea la notte placida

(Il trovatore)

Ms. Shoremount-Obra

Il balen

(Il trovatore)

Mr. Thomas

The Flower Song


Mr. Pickle

Act 3 Intermezzo


Instrumental Ensemble

Rachel, quand du Seigneur

(La Juive)

Mr. Pickle

Si può?


Mr. Thomas

In quelle trine morbide

(Manon Lescaut)

Ms. Shoremount-Obra

Prelude to Act 1

(La fanciulla del West)

Instrumental Ensemble

Ch'ella mi creda

(La fanciulla del West)

Mr. Pickle

Un partita a Poker

(La fanciulla del West)

Ms. Shoremount-Obra & Mr. Thomas


Honoring Sandra & Malcolm Berman

All the Things You Are

(Too Hot for May)

Mr. Pickle

The Exodus Song

Mr. Pickle



Ms. Shoremount-Obra

I Could Have Danced All Night

(My Fair Lady)

Ms. Shoremount-Obra

If I Were a Rich Man

(Fiddler on the Roof)

Mr. Thomas

Some Enchanted Evening

(South Pacific)

Mr. Thomas


Vissi d'arte


Ms. Shoremount-Obra

Nessun dorma


Mr. Pickle

My Way


Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi

Georges Bizet

Georges Bizet

Fromental Halévy

Ruggero Leoncavallo

Giacomo Puccini

Giacomo Puccini

Giacomo Puccini

Giacomo Puccini

Jerome Kern

Ernest Gold

Jerome Kern

Lerner & Loewe

Bock & Harnick

Rodgers & Hammerstein

Giacomo Puccini

Giacomo Puccini

Paul Anka


Dio, che nell’alma infondere - Don Carlo                      

This action from the King did not surprise you?   - No.  – So, then he will leave from Flanders. Stay calm, and learn to become a King!   -I will follow you, brother.   -Listen, the door to the monastery is opening and Elizabeth and the King will arrive.    -Elizabeth!   - Give to me your faltering spirit; your star will still shine. Ask heaven for the strength of virtue!


God who places love and hope within us, inflame within us the desire for liberty! We swear to live and die together; friends on earth and in heaven.


Come forward.  -O terror!  I tremble to see her!   -Have courage! (The procession passes).

She belongs to him. I have lost her! O great God!   -Come to me and buoy up your heart!


We will live and die together, and our cry will be: “Liberty!”


Tacea la notte placida - Il trovatore


The night was placid and quiet, and the silvery moon showed her glad and full face... Suddenly the stillness of the night was broken by sweet harmony - the notes of a lute - and a troubador sang a melancholy song.  Those verses were humble like the invocation of a man praying to God.  In that song a name was constantly repeated...mine!...  So, I rushed to the balcony... It was him! it was him!...  I felt the joy that only angels are allowed to feel!...  To my heart, to my blissful glance, the earth seemed like Paradise. A love that can hardly be put into words, a love that only I can understand, such a love has filled my heart!  My destiny will be fulfilled ... only at his side... I will live only for him, if not, I will die for him!


Il balen - Il trovatore


All is deserted; nor has the usual hymn resounded yet on the air. I've come in time! It is what ardent love and provoked pride demand of me. My rival killed, every obstacle to my wishes seemed to have fallen; now she prepares a new and more powerful one; the altar! Ah no, Leonora shall not belong to others! Leonora is mine!


The flashing of her smile is brighter than a star's ray! The splendor of her fair face instills new courage in me.

Ah, let the love that inflames me speak to her in my favour! Let the sun of her glance dispel the storm in my heart.


The Flower Song - Carmen


The flower you had thrown at me I kept in prison, withered and dry, always retaining its lovely fragrance.

It was fragrant even in the night as I closed my eyes, becoming drunk with its aroma and thus I envisioned you.

I began to curse you, to hate you. Why did destiny put the flower in my way? Then I blamed myself for blasphemy and felt in myself only one desire, one hope - to see you again, O Carmen, yes, see you again! ... Because you had only to appear and look at me to take hold of me, O my Carmen. All I thought of was you.  Carmen, I love you!


Rachel, quand du Seigneur - La Juive

Rachel, when the Lord in His grace entrusted your cradle to my trembling hands, I had dedicated my whole life to your happiness, yet it is I who deliver you to the executioner! But I hear a voice crying out to me: save me from the death that awaits me! I am young and I value life, o my father, spare your child!


Si può? - Pagliacci


Excuse me!  Ladies and gentlemen, forgive me for appearing alone.  I am the Prologue.  Since the author is putting on the stage again the old Comedy of Masks, he would like to revive some of the old customs and so sends me out again to you.  But not to say, as of old, "The tears we shed are feigned!  Do not alarm yourselves at our sufferings and our torments!"  No.  The author instead has sought to paint for you a scene from life.  He takes as his basis simply that the artist is a man and that he must write for men.  His inspiration was a true story.  A horde of memories was one day running through his heard, and he wrote, shedding real tears, with sobs to mark the time!  So, you will see love, as real as human beings' love:  You will see the sad fruit of hate.  You will hear agonies of grief, cries of rage and bitter laughter!  So, think then, not of our poor theatrical costumes but of our souls, for we are men of flesh and blood.  Breathing the air of this lonely world just like you!  I have told you his plan.  Now hear how it is unfolded.  Come.  Let's begin!


In quelle trine morbide - Manon Lescaut


In those soft curtains ... in the golden alcove there is a silence – gelid, cold – that chills me!  Yet I knew a place of voluptuous caresses and burning lips – that was another place. O my former humble home, you return to me, happy, pure and isolated – like a lovely dream of peace and love.


Ch’ella mi creda - La fanciulla del West


Let her think I'm free and far away, on my way to a new life of redemption! She’ll wait for me to return…

and the days will pass, yet I won't return...  Minnie, only flower of my life, Minnie, you who have loved me so much!  Ah, you, the only flower of my life!


Un partita a Poker - La fanciulla del West


Tonight, you asked for an answer to your passion... Here is my response!   - What do you mean?


That I offer you this man and my life!... A game of poker! If you win, take this wounded man and me...

but if I win, upon your word as a gentleman, this man is mine!...


Ah, how she loves him!... I accept, yes! I'll have you!     -You give your word?


I know how to lose like a gentleman... But for God's sake! I am so thirsty for you… If I win, I will have you...


Lower the lamp...     - What are you waiting for?


I was looking for a new deck... I'm nervous. It is a terrible thing to think that a card game decides a life.

Are you ready?


I'm ready. Cut the deck.                 - Two hands over three.      -How many cards?         -Two...


What does he have that she adores him thus?      -  What do you find in me?...


What do you have?    -A King.         - A King.           -Jack.               -Queen.


You won. To the next hand!  Two aces and a couple...        - Nothing!         -Even! We are even! Hooray!


Is this the decisive one?        - Yes. Cut the deck!


Rance, I regret my bitter words...         - Discard.


I've always thought well of you, Jack Rance... and I will always think...


I know that I will have you in my arms at the end. Three Kings! You see: I win!


Soon, Jack, out of pity! Something... I'm sick!


What should I give you?




Ah! The bottle... See... But the glass... Where is it?...


Presto, Jack... I ask you this out of pity, Jack!


I know why you fainted.  You've lost! You have lost!...


You are wrong. I win! Three aces and a pair!


Good night.


He’s mine!


Vissi d’arte - Tosca


I lived for my art, I lived for love, I never did harm to a living soul!  Secretly I helped as many misfortunes as I could. Always with true faith my prayer rose to the holy shrines.  Always with true faith I gave flowers to the altar.

In the hour of grief, why, why, o Lord, why do you reward me thus?  I gave jewels for the Madonna’s mantle,

and I gave my song to the stars, to heaven, which smiled with more beauty.  In the hour of grief, why, why, o Lord,

ah, why do you reward me thus?


Nessun dorma - Turandot


No one sleeps! No one sleeps!  You too, O Princess, in your chaste room, are watching the stars which tremble with love and hope!   But my secret lies hidden within me, no one shall discover my name!  Oh no, I will reveal it only on your lips, when daylight shines forth and my kiss shall break the silence which makes you mine.

Depart, oh night!  Fade away, you stars!  At dawn I shall win!

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