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February 18, 2024

Julia Radosz, soprano

Julia Radosz


Krysty Swann, mezzo soprano

Krysty Swann


James Harp

James Harp


Adam Diegel, tenor

Abscheulicher! Wo eilst du hin?


Ms. Radosz

The Flower Song


Mr. Diegel

Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix

Samson et Dalila

Ms. Swann


La Gioconda

Ms. Radosz

Cielo e mar!

La Gioconda

Mr. Diegel

Acerba voluttà

Adriana Lecouvreur

Ms. Swann

Love Duet

Madama Butterly

Ms. Radosz & Mr. Diegel

The Judgment Scene


Ms. Swann

O terra addio




Celebrating Pat Ozborn and the Opera Volunteers


Intimate Apparel

Ms. Swann

I love him


Ms. Swann

Stay Well

Lost in the Stars

Ms. Swann

Deep River

Ms. Swann

I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls

The Bohemian Girl

Ms. Radosz

If I Loved You


Ms. Radosz

Dein ist mein ganzes Herz

The Land of Smiles

Mr. Diegel

Be My Love

Mr. Diegel

I Dreamed a Dream

Les Misérables

Ms. Swann

There's a Place for Us

West Side Story

Ms. Swann

Ludwig van Beethoven

Georges Bizet

Camille Saint-Saëns

Amilcare Ponchielli

Amilcare Ponchielli

Francesco Cilea

Giacomo Puccini

Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi

Ricky Ian Gordon

Jeanine Tesori

Kurt Weill

Arr. Moses Hogan

Michael Balfe

Rodgers & Hammerstein

Franz Lehár

Nicholas Brodszky

Claude-Michel Schönberg

Leonard Bernstein


Fidelio - Abscheulicher! Wo eilst du hin?

Ludwig van Beethoven

Abominable one!  Where are you going?

What will you do in your wild anger?

The call of sympathy, the voice of humanity,

do they move nothing in your tiger breast?

But as turbulent seas rage with anger and hatred in your soul,

so a rainbow appears to me that brightly shines amongst the dark clouds.

It is quiet and peaceful, and reminds me of old times, and gives me hope.

Come, Hope, let the last star not fade!

Illuminate my goal, even if it far, through Love I will reach it.

I follow an inner drive, I will not waver.

My duty strengthens me in marital love.

O you, for whom I bore everything,

If only I could be at your side, and bring you sweet comfort!

Carmen - The Flower Song

Georges Bizet

The flower that you tossed to me in prison stayed with me.

Withered and dried, this flower always kept its sweet fragrance. 

And always, with my eyelids closed, I became intoxicated and saw you in the night.

I would then curse and detest you, saying to myself:

“Why did destiny put you in my path?”

Then I accused myself of blasphemy, and felt but one desire,

one hope, O Carmen, to see you again.

For you only had to appear and toss a glance to me to take hold of my entire being,

O my Carmen, and I was yours!  Carmen, I love you!

Samson et Dalila - Mon cœur s’ouvre a ta voix

Camille Saint-Saëns

My heart opens to your voice, like the flowers open to the kisses of the dawn!

But, O my beloved, to best dry my tears, let your voice speak again! 

Tell your Dalila that you will return forever.

Repeat to my tender heart the oaths you once swore to me, the oaths I loved.

Ah, respond to my tenderness, pour out to me intoxication!
Like the wheat undulates in the light breeze,

so trembles my heart, ready to be consoled by your voice.

The arrow is less quick to carry death than your love is to fly into my arms!


La Gioconda - Suicidio

Amilcare Ponchielli

Suicide! In these terrible moments you are my only option,

and you keep tempting my heart;

you are the last calling of my destiny,

and the last crossing in my path.

And yet, yesterday, happily the hours would fly...

then, I lost my mother, and I lost my love, yet,

I managed to beat the unhappy fever of my jealousy...

now I collapse, exhausted, amidst the darkness!

Almost at my journey's end,

I beg from heaven to let me sleep quietly,

and deep in my grave.


La Gioconda - Cielo e mar!

Amilcare Ponchielli

Sky and sea! The airy curtain sparkles like a holy altar. 

Will my angel come from the sky?

Will my angel come from the sea?

Here I wait for her; the wind now blows hot with love.

Ah, that man who sighs for you, he overcomes you, o golden dreams! 

Through the thick air I see neither shore nor mountains;

The horizon kisses the waves; the waves kiss the horizon. 

Here in the darkness, where I lie waiting with racing heart – come to my kiss of life and love!


Adriana Lecouvreur - Acerba voluttà

Francesco Cilea

Bitter pleasure, sweet torture, slow agony, quick offense,

blaze, frost, tremor, restlessness, fear, for the lover who waits expectantly! 

Every echo, every shadow in the kindling night

conspires against the impatient soul:

Everything is suspended between doubt and desire,

one moment is an eternity… 

Will he come? Has he forgotten me?

Will he hasten to me? Or will he turn back?

Here he comes!...No, it is the sound of the river,

mixed with the sighs of a dormant tree….

O vagabond eastern star, do not set: smile on the universe,

and guard my love, if he does not mind the way!


Madama Butterfly - Act 1 Duet

Giacomo Puccini

BUTTERFLY - Love me with a little love, a child-like love, the kind that suits me. Love me, please...

We are a people used to small, modest, quiet things, to a tenderness gently caressing, yet vast as the sky and as the waves of the sea.

PINKERTON - Give me your dear hands and let me kiss them! My Butterfly!

How aptly you were named, fragile butterfly!

BUTTERFLY - They say that overseas if it should fall into the hands of man a butterfly is stuck through with a pin and fixed to a board!

PINKERTON - There's some truth in that; and do you know why? So that it shouldn't fly away again. I've caught you... Quivering, I press you to me. You're mine.

BUTTERFLY - Yes, for life!

PINKERTON - Come along, come...  Cast all sad fears out of your heart! The night is clear! See, all things sleep!  You are mine! Oh, come!

BOTH - Oh, lovely night! What a lot of stars! Never have I seen them so beautiful!

Every spark twinkles and shines with the brilliance of an eye.

Oh! What a lot of eyes fixed and staring, looking at us from all sides!

In the sky, along the shore, out to sea...the sky is smiling!

Oh, lovely night! In a ecstasy of love the sky is smiling!


Aïda - The Judgment Scene

Giuseppe Verdi

Alas! I shall die! Oh, who will save him?

And it was I who cast him into their hands!

Now I curse my jealousy, which brought his death and eternal mourning in my heart!

Ah, there they are – the pitiless ministers of death!

Oh, may I not see them, these white-robed ghouls!

And it was I who cast him into their hands.

O gods, take pity on my anguished heart!

He is innocent – save him, O gods!

My grief is desperate, overwhelming!

Oh, who will save him? I shall die!

Ah, pity! He is innocent! Pity!

O gods!  Ah, pity! Ah, save him! Pity, O gods!

Entombed alive! Oh, the villains! their thirst for blood is never appeased –

yet they call themselves heaven’s ministers!

Priests – you have committed a crime!

Infamous, bloodthirsty beasts – you outrage the gods and man, punishing the innocent! 

Priest, this man whom you send to death, you know well, I once loved. 

The curse of a broken heart, together with his blood, will fall upon you! Impious brood!

My curse upon you!

Heaven’s vengeance will strike you!


Aïda - O terra addio

Giuseppe Verdi

AIDA/RADAMES – O earth, farewell, farewell, vale of tears, dream of joy that vanished into sorrow. Heaven opens to us, our wandering souls fly fast toward the light of eternal day!

This is our death hymn! I can’t move the stone! 

It is futile, everything on earth is finished for us.

AMNERIS – I pray for your peace… beloved, lifeless body.

May Isis, placated, receive you into Heaven.

Peace, I implore you! Peace!

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